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Homepage - Aviceda.com Welcome to the internet home of Kenneth J Anderson & Associates. We’re based in Sheboygan WI, and we provide consulting and design for information systems (databases) and websites, and also technical education. The links at left will tell you a bit more about our our services. We’ll never charge a fee for exploring what we can do for you. We are willing to spend significant time with prospective clients to determine what they need, what we can provide, and how we can collaborate to help them. We don’t negotiate fees until we have demonstrated that we can deliver a positive return on investment. With information systems, the challenge is to “turn the cost of data into the asset of information.” With website development, we strive to help the client develop and implement an affordable yet effective web presence, and to understand the concepts and process that will enable them to enhance their website over time, and to handle as much of the routine updating and maintenance as they desire to do in-house. It’s not our purpose to build dependencies, but to help our clients to make effective use of the software tools and development techniques available to them. Our two best assistants are M. Power and N. Able. Those who want someone to do things “for” them should call someone else. Those who want to take a more collaborative approach should call us. It’s been said “Change is the only constant.” This website is always a work in progress!
The Internet Home of Kenneth J Anderson & Associates AVICEDA.COM
aviceda is the scientific name of a south pacific bird of prey ... we chose it just because we liked it
These bottom two links are unrelated to our business; one will take you to the website of Road America, the premier road racing track in the US, located a few miles away near the little resort town of Elkhart Lake. The bottom link brings you to info about the area in and around Sheboygan WI.. Some photos on this site are images from our own hometown on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, or the nearby countryside. No, this isn’t a native bird!