Information Systems Development Our company was founded in 1991, specializing in the development of relational database systems, and it remains our core business along with website development. Our mission is ... "Helping clients turn the cost of data into the asset of information!" We've provided a few PROJECT SUMMARIES to illustrate the kinds of things we've done that have broken new ground for the clients who sponsored them: the University of Minnesota, NETA, and Medtronic. Our primary development software is ADBM (Advanced DB Master), created by Macon Systems of Colorado Springs. Ken's a certified ADBM Database Administrator (DBA), and has extensive system design experience. Click link above for ADBM specs. Over the years, we've had the good fortune to work with wonderful clients on challenging projects. Our success has relied heavily on the involvement of client personnel directly and continuously in the development process; the industry term for this is “prototyping.” It’s effective because we work "with" them, not "for" them. Our clients help us learn their requirements, while we in turn give them a solid understanding of the possibilities inherent in the system we're developing. It is our intent that client organizations gain a sense of "ownership" by participating in the entire development of a system. We're proud of the fact that our best team members are M Power and N Able. We strive to create something better than a "management information system.” To us, that term denotes a system that supports recovery of information that has already been defined. We think the goal should be a "leadership information system" ... flexible and powerful enough that it will facilitate the discovery of new information. In addition to systems development, we can help with various data cleanup tasks (for consistency & correctness), merging of data from various sources, removing duplicate records, matching of lists, preparation and/or selection of mailing lists, and publication of large amounts of data in HTML format (catalogs, price lists, membership lists, etc.), and data format conversion. This short description of our services doesn't cover everything we can do, but if you have any kind of a data storage, retrieval, or manipulation challenge, please contact us. Give us the opportunity to show you how your organization can "turn the cost of data into the asset of information."
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aviceda is the scientific name of a south pacific bird of prey ... we chose it just because we liked it
Lake Michigan surfers, Sept 07
The surfers in the picture above were enjoying the waves along Sheboygan’s north breakwater in Sept 2008. Click to enlarge. Sheboygan is the “surfing capital of the Great Lakes” ... and the most action is in fall and winter, when the winds whip up some huge breakers. Yes, wetsuits.
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