Website Development - Project Summaries We’ve been working on web development projects since the late 1990s, and we specialize in helping clients develop their initial web presence. We suggest starting simply ... but starting NOW. Some of the sites below are still being maintained as originally designed, while others have grown into comprehensive and complex websites, with the assistance of some of our associates who have advanced skills in graphic design, interactive database development, and e-commerce. Others were developed primarily by the client, and now are entirely managed in-house. We can work within any budget, help a client take those first steps in establishing a web presence, or to create a fresh look and enhanced functionality for a client whose existing website needs to be replaced. For those who wish to manage their own websites, we bring along our two best assistants, M Power and N Able. Our demo site ... it has links to some of the sites listed below, and may at times contain a few that aren’t listed here. It began as just our “extra space” ... but we gave it a homepage and its own identity to demonstrate various websites we’ve developed, or assisted clients in developing themselves. It’s always a work in progress! Ken built his original site in 2001, the fall before the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. He grew up around this sport, was a downhill instructor for years, but always wished he had a way to bring info about ski jumping to the American public. In the nine years the site has been online, it has drawn well over a million visitors, and they remain onsite an average of more than six minutes. It’s the busiest English-language website devoted to this sport, which is a huge spectator draw in Europe, Scandinavia, and Japan, attracting much prime-time TV coverage ... but it’s nearly invisible here. That’s slowly changing, and we’re happy to be a part of it. As of 2018, we began to cut back on the volume of news we’d been carrying, because some of the US clubs now maintain their own sites, USA Nordic has its own site, and FIS has substantially upgraded their site. National Exercise Trainers Association - NETA We built their original site about 1998, and it slowly evolved into a very complex and interactive site. Early on, we brought in an outstanding graphic designer to manage the overall layout and user experience, as this site is a crucial element in the nationwide marketing of NETA’s educational and certification programs for physical fitness professionals. It was eventually transitioned to a full-service web development organization. However, we still produce the Schedule section; it’s published directly from the in-house registration database, which we developed and still support. Data is exported to the website weekly (or more frequently on demand), eliminating the previous weekend’s schedule, and including new workshops which have been scheduled for future dates. Kiwanis Ski Club Another ski jumping site, it focuses on one international competition held each year, usually in mid to late February. It incorporates severalYouTube video to show skiers in flight for a distance longer than one and one half football fields. In January of 2016, we incorporated the sale of admission buttons online via PayPal. St Paul Ski Club This is the website for an outstanding ski jumping club with a strong junior program. We do all of their support, updating news items on the front page, and keeping their schedule page current, with links to results of local competitions. Since they are equipped for summer jumping, it has year-round activity. American Ski Jumping This was developed around 2007 as a site for the history of the sport of ski jumping in the United States. It receives updates typically once per year, to introduce the year’s induction class to the Hall of Fame, and to provide details of the induction banquet. Opulent Art Studio Donna Crespo asked about our experience with Xara Web Designer. She was developing a website for her graphic design business, and had been unsatisfied with the learning curve of Dreamweaver, despite having taken several classes. We assisted her in getting started with XWD. Due to time constraints, she asked us to help with a minor revamp in March 2012, and to assist with future maintenance and enhancements. Nelco Gly-Tek Very small website, underwent cosmetic revamp in Fall 2009 for a fresh look. This company gets orders from around the world, and has chosen NOT to deploy a secure order and payment system. Orders come back as e-mails, and all are verified by phone, at which time payment is arranged (same process as with fax orders).
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aviceda is the scientific name of a south pacific bird of prey ... we chose it just because we liked it
Ski jumper in flight
Click the thumbnail above to see the ski jumper in flight. It clearly shows that ski jumpers do not fly high above the ground ... they follow the curve of the landing hill. Learn more about this cool sport via link above ...
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