Consulting & Educational Services We can offer individual consulting, or work with small groups, to understand aspects of information systems, database design and concepts, and to guide people through the process of developing a web presence, from choosing and registering a domain to defining the purpose of the site, defining initial layout and a timeline for orderly development. We recommend starting modestly, because in almost all cases, it’s a “learn as you go” process. We can do this informally, or in a classroom setting, and we can set up online learning materials if that’s required. Contact us ... we can customize to suit your needs. Data Basics Before people begin trying to collect data (raw material) and create information (the product), they should have a clear understanding of the concepts necessary to define, collect, store, and retrieve data, and how to then create and deliver information. Our software of choice for database development is Advanced DB Master (ADBM), but the concepts necessary for successful information systems development are universal. Whether you will eventually use ADBM or some other software, that’s what we’ll use for demonstration purposes. Concepts can be presented in a group setting, no computers required. Demonstration typically works better with just a few folks at a time, since it’s sort of “show & tell” mixed with “trial & error.” I generally have it available on two laptops, so can do it almost anywhere. Requirements ... mainly curiosity about how to tackle a challenge in your business, organization, or life that involves managing files, lists, reports, and other sorts of tasks that you KNOW could be automated somehow. We show you how YOU can put our motto to work ... “Turning the cost of data into the asset of information!” I Want a Website ... Where Do I Begin? we can help you get started For individuals, self-employed people, small businesses who want to understand the process of developing a web site, and who want hands-on involvement in the process. This is “kindergarten” for people, who are thinking about creating a web presence, and want to understand the basics of domain registration, designing and maintaining a site, and arranging for hosting on a web server (ISP). We'll begin with the importance and process of choosing and registering a domain name, and explain various options for creating and hosting a web site. We'll discuss and demonstrate online services that provide both the tools to build a site and to provide hosting. In addition to the online services that provide both design tools and hosting, we'll discuss and demonstrate one or more web authoring software packages you can download and install on your own computer, some for free, and we’ll discuss the pros & cons of “free” sites. Requirements: Experienced in using the web, understanding of what you want your website to do, desire to be “hands on” in designing and maintaining your website.
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aviceda is the name of a south pacific bird of prey ... we chose it just because we liked it
The photo above is Ken in a cornfield. You can click to enlarge it, but we can’t understand why anybody would really want to do that.
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